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you can pick a project from these or request one just for your needs

Logo package

dreaming of a new brand identity?

Are you dreaming about a new logo for your business? Is the old brand image not attracting new customers? Or are you just starting your business and are trying to find the perfect design for you?


Logo package is the simplest way to order a brand identity from me. You can choose the best plan for your situation. All logo packages include a new logo and a graphic charter.


 Both plans contain:

  • background work -> getting to know the brand, target group, other logos of the same field

  • creative ideation 

  • kick-off conversation -> through email or phone call

  • drawing the logo 

  • comment round -> you can pick your favourite or suggest changes

  • different file formats of the final logo (png, jpg, pdf)

a flower

Mini plan

/ starting from 400€ + vat.
  • 2 logo variations: primary + sub-mark (both as black & white)

  • simple graphic charter (visual identity brand guidelines)

  • typography (3 font hierarchy)

  • 3 main brand colors

  • timeline: up to 4 weeks

Premium plan

/ starting from 600€ + vat.
  • 3 logo variations: primary, secondary + sub-mark (all of them as black, white & colored)

  • detailed graphic charter (visual identity brand guidelines + inspiration for the brand identity use)

  • typography (3 font hierarchy)

  • brand pattern

  • 3 main brand colors

  • timeline: up to 6 weeks

Request an offer through email: visual(at)

Or Fill a form in                  

Social media package

/ starting from 50€ + vat.

Do you need eye-catching social media content? Do you need help with instagram posts, stories and all kinds of social media marketing? 

Let me help you, this social media package is an easy way to improve your business and be more available to customers.


Put together a package that suits your needs from these options.

Social media package can contain:


  • 1-5 designs for Instagram posts

  • 1-5 designs for Instagram stories

  • illustration for a social media post

  • post design with illustration

  • tips and ideas for your social media content

  • 5 images from the image bank of your choice + editing the photos

  • editing photos taken by you

  • adding designs over pictures

  • design base to Adobe Illustrator or Canva for your later use 

a plant

Request an offer through email: visual(at)

Or Fill a form in                  

Other services

you can always contact me and ask for a project that's not listed here

Visual design projects that you might want:


  • illustrations

  • animated illustrations

  • animated social media post

  • layout to your magazine, brochure etc.

  • art piece (painting, drawing etc.) made just for you

  • business card designs

  • gift card designs 

  • wedding/funeral/graduation invitation cards

  • photography session + image processing

  • image search from the image bank of your choice

  • image editing to your own photos

  • removing backgrounds from your pictures

a plant

Request an offer through email: visual(at)

Or Fill a form in                  

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